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my first blog post...

It's pouring rain in Los Angeles. I'm sitting at the front desk staring out at the swamp that has formed in place of Ventura Boulevard. A woman in the first salon chair compliments my cowboy boots. "I got them in Nashville." She tells me she read an article in LA Times or the LA Something about the up-and-coming country music scene. So, I tell her I know a little something about the scene. Not everything, but I do know a lot of musicians - plus D5 is all the rage, and it's a cowboy bar! I tell her I've been thinking about starting a music blog, so my friends have someone else to promote them other than themselves. She says it's a very generous thought but I reassure her that it would ultimately benefit me. Let's not forget about numero uno.

I don't know if anyone reads blogs anymore. I certainly don't, other than which I think is fab. I have plenty of stories to tell and my new years resoloosh is to journal more, so this is essentially the same thing.

Tune into my next blog post where I'll write about how this whole SBDC thing got started. It's only been a year but there's a lot of ground to cover.



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