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meeting isaac and the boys...

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Here we go....


NOW, please excuse me if I seem to forget things in this time line. I was sm*king p*t a significant amount and perhaps I sho

uld not put that on the internet for future employers to see but I SWEAR I know how to make an excel spreadsheet so my lapse in memory is frankly, irrelevant.

I suppose it all began when I met Isaac. Isaac and I met on the rooftop of a swanky hotel where he gifted me a diamond necklace immediately upon seeing me and confessed his undying love. Just kidding, we met on hinge. SBDC is really just one big and profitless ad for hinge.

Our first date was November 2022 at Tiki No, a mediocre tiki themed bar in Noho. It's actually super cute but there's nothing to do other than drink $15 tiki themed drinks. Occasionally they have karaoke, like the night we went - but there isn't much of stage. Isaac sang Total Eclipse of The Heart with a short mullet and shirt with no buttons. I could see the dancing skeletons tattooed on his torso. Swoon. I sang Garden Grove poorly and then redeemed myself with Teenage Dirtbag. We drank $15 tiki themed drinks and made out outside the bar.

Weeks passed and I started spending a lot of time in the Glendale back house that Isaac, Conner, and Chris shared. The first time Isaac drove me home he told me that the three of them were considering signing a lease at the house I had ended up renting with my friends and roomies Sam and Eva. When we toured the house, the landlord told us that three boys were contemplating signing the lease and if we wanted it we had to take it right then. So we did. At the time I thought it was a bluff, until I found out Isaac and his roommates were the ones we stole it from. Hilarious news, the universe works in mysterious ways.

Isaac, Chris, and Conner would sit outside in their backyard playing guitar, smoking cigarettes, and brainstorming. The backyard had lights strung up, license plates secured to a fence, Tibetan flags, and a printed Beastie Boys tapestry. The boys had an idea for a group called Sunday Brunch and Dinner Club (name creds to Saac). We started cooking brunch on Sunday and the boys would jam out. I'd sing along or just hang out. Eventually, we started talking next steps and summer rolled around. Cue Mary Jane's Last Dance. Enter... The house on Chiquita St.

That's all I got for now.

Love, BEVY!!!

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