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Updated: Jan 25

I want to BLOG about music and the scene, and I can't decide where to begin. I've always thought Charlie was a staple of this weird LA music world, so let's start there.

Charlie is tall with a boyish charm, occasionally being followed by a gaggle of starry- eyed early twenty-somethings in pink cowboy hats. He has a tendency to find perhaps the most chaotic women in Los Angeles and become totally entranced by their manic pixie, potentially drug-fueled, mystique.

Charlie is kind of friend that will be one of the handful of people to show up to your (my) play in day event and play the role of an idiot party-animal named Chaz with his whole chest. Last week he offered to pick me up from LAX at 5:00pm on a whim... and if that's not real I don't know what is.

Last June, we hosted a midsummer party at the Chiquita Street house. We had a bunch of friends come over and play. It was a truly magical summer night. It was warm, drinks were flowing, we were all dancing and drawing with sidewalk chalk by the light of the candelabras.

Charlie sat in the bar on my grandpa's old brown leather couch chatting to my mom for a good chunk of the evening. I came into the bar to grab yet another glass of whatever and probably smoke a cigarette with Isaac. I had noticed Charlie throughout the night sitting in corners or by the stage playing my guitar along with the performers, and he sounded good. Upon entering the bar and seeing my Mom appear genuinely interested in what a guy in a Big Lebowski-esque sweater had to say, I was intrigued. Barboo said something like, "Charlie wants to play, he has a great voice!" Drunkenly and having a fabulous time, I put him on this list.

Charlie played... and we all danced a little harder. His music is fun, soulful, and folky. I've watched him shamelessly cry while serenading our friends. As an actor, I'm always suspect of a single tear rolling down a cheek, but Charlie has always come across completely earnest in his art and in our friendship.

Oh, and he's playing the viper room lounge on January 19th at 8pm following our buddy Sandalwood's album release at 7pm on the main stage. You can buy tix for Charlie's show here:

That's all for now.



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